I accept whatever I am told.

I do not presume to change anything you think, say, or do.
I file it all away in perfect order, quickly and efficiently,
And then I return it to you exactly as you gave it to me.


Sometimes you call me your memory.

I am the reservoir into which you toss anything
Your heart or mind chooses to deposit there.

I work night and day, I never rest, and nothing can impede my activity.

The thoughts you send to me are categorised and filed,
And my filing system never fails.

I am truly your servant who does your bidding without
Hesitation or criticism.

I co-operate when you tell me you are “this” or “that”
And I play it back as you gave it, I am most agreeable.

Since I do not think, argue, judge, analyse, question,
Or make decisions, I accept impressions easily.

I am going to ask you to sort out what you send me, however; my files
Are getting a little cluttered and confused.
I mean please discard
Those things that you do not want returned to you.

What is my name? Oh I thought you knew!

I am your subconscious.

By Margaret E. White