Life Coaching

Life Coaching

As adults, we face a multitude of problems every day

Trying to raise a family, paying the mortgage, dealing with problems at work, not having enough money at the end of the month…

The stress of these things can kill you!  Everyone wants to be successful, but few become so.  Why?  It is simply that they have not programmed themselves to make it so.  It’s not necessarily how hard you work, but how smart you work that makes a difference in your life, so you can be successful.

How you use your thoughts, to determine where you are going, is the true key to happiness.  I work with a lot of people of different mindsets and I know that most people don’t know how to set goals, much less achieve their goals!

People are too wrapped up in trying to make a living to actually live their life!  The real key to success is preparing a roadmap to decide where you want to go and then programming it in, like with a satellite navigation system.  Think of programming your mind as if programming a TomTom®!

I teach people every day how to programme themselves for success.  Success in business, success in relationships, success with their children, success in all walks of life.  Using the techniques that I have learned in NLP and Hypnosis, I can help you to succeed All you have to do is want to!

I will ask you questions that will determine what you really want to do.  Maybe you don’t really know what you are good at…but we will find out together.  You and I can then set up a strategy to make your dreams come true.  It is possible for you to accomplish whatever you set your mind to do.  All you need is a guide.

I will coach you on becoming the person you want to be and help you set goals that will take you forward into the future.  A better future for yourself and your family.  It is as easy as believing in yourself.

Just so that you understand how easy the process really is, I have already set into motion your success.  By reading this page, your subconscious mind is already starting to believe in yourself, to have success, to achieve your goals.  You will want the programme because you know it is possible to make your dreams come true.  All you have to do is want it and set your mind to do it.

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“I have been a client for Anita for six coaching sessions. Each and every session has been conducted with total professionalism.  We have covered issues from time management, to creating alternative sources of income, to keeping fit.  I have achieved some great results from our coaching sessions and had some great realisations about my own awareness.Anita is very thorough with her work and conducts a session with care and attention to the client”

Andrew Potter