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5 Mindset shifts to use daily

Having the right or wrong mindset in your life can have a significant impact

Changing your mindset around to help you achieve your goals, so here are five ways to improve your mindset:

  1. What’s Your Story?

Everybody has a story about their life and this can manifest in a lot of different ways. How you depend on your friends, your surroundings will impact on the story that you tell yourself. Do you want it to be negative or positive?

The story you tell yourself about who you are and what you can potentially achieve, whether you could have a successful relationship or not are stories that we tell ourselves in our head.

All of these stories that you tell yourself are limiting you and causing you to restrict yourself. The good news is your story can change. You have the power to change it today and It’s never too late to re-write your story now.

Write down your current story, how do you feel about it? Write down where you feel you need to make changes to your current story and it’s always so compelling about writing it down and see it.

  1. What are Your Goals?

Define what it is you are looking to achieve right now. When you find yourself thinking about new things in your life it can means you want a change in your life. It is all about defining in detail what it is you’re looking to accomplish right now.

Anything is possible and the possibilities are endless with your dreams….

If you do not know what you want or if you do not have a dream to find, you cannot actively work toward your vision, so start thinking about your goals now.

To do this write down some goals, and then break them down into small action steps you can take.

How does it align with what you want? Ask yourself how can my actions steps help me attain my goals?

Anything is possible and the possibilities are endless with your dreams!

If you do not know what you want or if you do not have a dream to find, you cannot actively work toward your vision, so start thinking about your goals now.

  1. Visualize Your Goals

If you find it’s hard to come up with a goal or dream, visualizing what you want will significantly help them. There are two ways to visualize your goals:

Close your eyes and ask yourself what things you would love to have in your life and working life, nothing is impossible.

Write them down and keep writing until your page is full are. You will be surprised to learn what’s in your head and get it all out.

  1. Think Positively

There is a lot of power to thinking positivity and it can do wonders for your life in achieving your goals.

To reach your goals and aspirations, you need to have a positive mind and you need to focus your energy on the positive things. So surround yourself with positive people and positive surroundings.

Every day we tell ourselves negative things for example;

I don’t know where to start

I can’t do this! No one will take me seriously.

No one will buy my product.

I am not skilled or experienced enough.

I will never reach my dreams.

You need to combat your negative mindset and replace it with positive self talk instead. Why not change these thoughts around

I don’t know where to start – I’m going to research some ideas and do some visualizations to reach my goals.

I can do this! No one will take me seriously if I don’t take myself seriously, so how can I position myself as an expert instead?”

I wonder how many people will want to buy my product?”

No one bought my product or my service – I need to make some changes so that next time they definitely will! Two times the charm!”

I have enough skill and experience to run my own business!”

It’s going to be a challenge to reach my dreams, but I am up for a good challenge! I can do this!”

Having a positive mindset is an essential step for helping change your negative mindset. Change your mindset and change your life.

  1. Daily Manifestations

Daily manifestation is something that works. Practice this mindset shift to achieve your goals. To do this, write down positive statements of truth and what you desire to achieve.

Statements can include:

“I am awesome.”
“I am a successful businesswoman.”
“I run a successful business.”
“I am happy.”
Whatever your goals are, create daily manifestations around them. This helps your subconscious brain to start to believe that these things are true.

Write down 5-10 manifestations on post-it notes, and then stick them around your mirror so that when you get ready every morning, brushing your teeth or doing your makeup, etc., read these notes in front of you and say these manifestations out loud.

Repeat these affirmations before you go to bed. Saying these things out loud over and over again will help your subconscious brain to believe those things. What you say to yourself will become true – but, always make it positive, because it can have the same effect with negative self-chatter and you don’t want that to happen!

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