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My Story

Hello I’m Anita

I Help You

“Create the Courage to be Fearless”™

“I was 24, single, and enjoying life when one fateful day it all changed as tragedy struck my family with a double blow. Literally, overnight I went from being a loving auntie to my very young nephews and niece to taking over the role of their parents and becoming their new Mum.

Talk about having to grow up quickly – there were some big decisions to be made, and I gave up work to devote all my time to bringing up these wonderful young people.

From personal experience, I know that living in a challenging world, where cultures and taboos can sometimes dictate and suppress our secrets and shame, may mean we feel too scared of being exposed to fully live our truth, thus denying any dreams of expressing and living our truly authentic potential.

Thus we live in our own shadow, not wanting to upset others, and conforming to accepted behaviours becomes our natural way of being – until one day we answer the call of our heart’s desire to break out of the very chains holding us there, seeking to express our vulnerability and “Create the Courage to be Fearless”™

But here’s the thing, there is so much freedom that comes from being vulnerable, as I have learned first-hand myself again and again – and it’s our human nature to do so. It really is a matter of living life from the inside out. It’s all about MINDSET”…

Anita Mattu
Mindset Coach, Mentor, Dyslexia Coach, Podcast Host and Speaker.

“Create the Courage to be Fearless”™

Why choose me?

I am a Personal Performance Coach, Youth Impact Coach, NPL Master Practitioner, Mentor, Mindset Coach, Counselling Practitioner, Dyslexia Coach, Author, and Speaker.

  • This is your time to be the best version of you, without all those too often limiting beliefs we can all get caught up in.
  • It’s time to step away from the familiar surroundings and daily conflicts that leave you feeling stuck and frustrated.
  • Believe me, there comes a tipping point when it’s no longer comfortable to deny your dreams and aspirations of being the Real You.
  • It honestly is that simple…

I have signed up to being me and committed to stepping into the power of who I have become – and so can you. Have the courage to face what it is that is holding you back and transform it by getting out of your own way and that all too familiar comfort zone. Desperate times call for desperate measures and so many people give up. Don’t be one of them because I am here to help you – let’s get to work and start creating your new life right now!

I’ve been working with people as a Coach for the last 30 years. It was a natural progression to specialise in an area about which I know and understand so much –I totally identify with the problems and trauma it can cause as well as knowing the positive power and potential talents the Mindset produces. It’s where I can contribute most fully to changing the lives of people today.

People can dream big but often they don’t BELIEVE it can happen for them – yet all they need is the power and magical transformational work my program “Create the Courage to be Fearless”™ can bring!

I Look forward to helping you

“Be Brave, Be Bold, Be You and

Create the Courage to be Fearless”™

To Your Courageous Life,

Love to You


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