Online 2022 Goal Setting & Vision Board Workshop

Online 2022 Goal Setting & Vision Board Workshop

Make this year all about You with this Creative Workshop

Saturday 15th January 2022

Online 10am – 12pm

Only £27.00 (workshop only)

Special offer at £97.00  (upgrade with a follow up coaching session valued at £147) 

(Sales end 13th January 2022)





Make 2022 Your best year yet

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Saturday 15th January 2022 

Online 10am – 12pm

(Sales end 13th January 2022) 




Goal Setting

Your 2022, the way you want it

  • A fun, engaging and interactive workshop to help you plan and take action for the year ahead
  • Get creative and start to bring your ideas into reality in this workshop designed especially for you
  • Connect with your heart’s desires focus that energy on the things you truly want in your life
  • Commit to them by creating your personal vision board and start living your dream
  • You can expect a thought provoking, inspiring and creative workshop which includes self reflection, coaching and vision board creation to help to keep you focused on your goals

You have 2 packages to choose from

  • Standard Price £27.00 – You will receive a Zoom link to attend the 2 hour workshop
  • Coaching Package £97.00 – 2 hour workshop also receive a 1 hour follow up Coaching Session to keep on track with your goals and create a plan of action just for you (usual price at £147)
  • All from the comfort of your home through Zoom 
  • Places are limited so early booking is recommended



Vision Board Workshop

Why should I join this workshop?

Over the last few years, these workshops have seen extraordinary results for attendees. 

“I had the privilege of joining Anita’s vision board workshop. As a person who easily gets distracted, she was able to keep me focused and listening, and even better, engaged. Her charisma is very drawing and contagious, and her workshop was really interesting. She helped me paint my life picture, and gave me practical tips on how to move forward, which I have started to put to use.

I look forward to attending more of her workshops and engaging in any further activities, I definitely recommend”!

Cilla, Nottingham, UK

“Anita’s workshop was very beneficial, it was fantastic to refresh my memory of the importance and value of Vision boards.

Producing my vision board and honing in on detail and how to practically move forward using images and words and focusing on SMART goals, feeding back to a group and working with others, and being led by an experienced knowledgeable coach giving clear direct instructions was invaluable.

Many thanks, Anita for re energising my creative visions and Business.

Thank you”

Jacqui Campbell