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Battling Anxiety: Exploring Proven Methods w/ Kate Hudson Hall EP 90

November 14, 2023

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Episode Summary

Struggling with anxiety and not sure where to turn? Imagine having an arsenal of proven methods at your disposal, enabling you to navigate through those crippling bouts of anxiety. That’s exactly what we explore this week with our esteemed guest, Kate Hudson Hall, a psychotherapist, podcaster, and author who’s had her own personal battle with an eating disorder. We delve deep into her journey and how it has spurred her on to help others combat anxiety and related disorders. Kate shares invaluable insights from her latest book, ‘Anxiety Hacks’, revealing practical techniques, tools, and tips to calm your mind. We discuss the powerful Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and the Tapping Technique, both of which can be used to manage anxiety effectively. Listen in as Kate guides us on how to identify and document our anxiety triggers and patterns, and most importantly, when it’s critical to seek help. She also enlightens us on thought-stopping and controlled breathing methods, illustrating how these simple practices can help break challenging behaviors linked to anxiety. We guarantee you a captivating conversation packed with game-changing strategies to help you combat anxiety. Tune in and arm yourself with the tools to fight anxiety.

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Kate Hudson Hall & Anita Mattu

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