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Breaking the Mould on Beliefs, Yoga, and Abundance w/ Johanna Godinez MBA EP 74

July 25, 2023

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Episode Summary

Johanna is an accomplished MBA graduate turned lifestyle success coach. This powerhouse woman has traversed the path from academia to entrepreneurship, and she’s here to share her insights into how yoga, far beyond its physical poses, taught her to manage her thoughts and prevent unnecessary suffering. Come along as we delve into Johanna’s enlightening journey and learn about her creation, Bay Lifestyle, a nurturing environment that offers an array of services from coaching to retreats. This episode promises to reshape your perceptions about beliefs and judgments. We’ll navigate through the nuances of this intriguing subject with Johanna, understanding how observing and assessing our beliefs can transform our perspectives about the world from black and white to shades of grey. Furthermore, Johanna will reveal the purpose and unique approach of her yoga school, focusing on teaching teachers to convey the essence of yoga effectively and introduce us to her unique ELM Evolutionary Life Mapping Method, a potent tool for taking charge of one’s life. As our conversation evolves, we dive into the mastery of mindset and the creation of abundance. Johanna emphasizes the pivotal role of visualization and gratitude in shifting our perspectives and manifesting our dreams. She generously shares her personal experiences with overcoming challenges, highlighting the power of faith and courage in her journey. Whether you’re looking to initiate a transformation in your life or seeking motivation, Johanna’s story and wisdom are bound to inspire you. So tune in and prepare to be empowered by Johanna Godinez, a woman who’s not only walked the talk but continues to inspire others to do the same.

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Johanna Godinez MBA & Anita Mattu

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