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Daring To Dream w/ Parveen The Spice Queen EP 71

July 4, 2023

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Episode Summary

Parveen Ashraf aka The Spice Queen  Having over 30 years of experience in the world of Indian cuisine and has a wealth of knowledge and experience.  Believes that with the right spice and the right method, anyone can learn to cook her authentic step-by-step recipes.  This was evident when Parveen showed the nation how to cook on her TV series.  Parveen is an author and launched her first cookbook  ‘Parveen The Spice Queen, Step-by-Step Authentic Indian Cooking’ several years ago.  New Book ‘Parveen’s Family Favourites’  70 fabulous recipes, including Indian classic, fushion & plant based.  Parveen is a keen advocate of Indian home cooking and an accomplished cookery teacher, having taught Globally her clients include celebrities and even royalty.  Parveen is more than happy to share an insight into her life as a wife, mother and chef, demystifying Indian cooking and helping you spice up your life!

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Show Contributors

Parveen The Spice Queen & Anita Mattu

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