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Deeper Truth About Consciousness, The Divine And The Universe w/ Dezi Koster EP 40

November 29, 2022

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Episode Summary

Dezi has always been fascinated with the magnificence of Nature and the beauty of life. She’s an avid seeker of deeper truth about consciousness, the Divine and the Universe around us. This has led her on a voyage of discovery to gain insight into what makes us “tick” as human beings. What lights us up and ignites our spirit? How do we grow and evolve into who we are meant to become? Completing the Natural Success curriculum not only gave her the answers to what she’d been seeking her whole life, it has given her the tools for a total life transformation. As an International Speaker, Coach and Author, her greatest passion is to support others to flourish at their full potential utilizing their inner creative genius. She’s committed to help people move beyond their boundaries to achieve success and the abundant life that they dream of.

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Show Contributors

Dezi Koster & Anita Mattu

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