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Discovering Destiny Amongst Life's Disarray w/ Rev Mary Martin EP 96

December 26, 2023

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Episode Summary

Have you ever been struck by an epiphany while doing something completely ordinary? That’s exactly what happened to Rev Mary Martin, who discovered her calling to become an ordained minister amidst the hum of a vacuum cleaner. This week, we’re thrilled to have Mary join us to share her extraordinary journey from single parenthood in Oshawa, Ontario, to inspiring people worldwide through her work with “Catch the Vision.” She’ll reveal how she navigated the challenges of a male-dominated field, moved homes 31 times, and transformed a childhood dream into a reality. Mary’s story extends beyond her personal achievements, delving into the universal challenge of family estrangement. She offers a beacon of hope, drawing from her own painful experience of losing touch with two of her children. Throughout our conversation, she provides invaluable insights into fostering resilience and healthy relationships. Mary’s life is a testament to the power of faith, the importance of letting go of judgment, and the liberation that comes from embracing our shared human destiny.

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Rev Mary Martin & Anita Mattu

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