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Embracing Authenticity: The Courageous Journey From Disfigurement To Influence w/ Dion Johnson EP 81

September 12, 2023

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Episode Summary

What if one courageous act could change your life forever? That’s exactly what happened to Dion Johnson, who spent 40 years hiding his facial disfigurement behind an artificial eye and dark glasses, until the day she found the fortitude to show her true self to the world. This pivotal moment not only transformed Dion’s life, but it also inspired her to write her new book, Influential Women. Dion’s journey was not an easy one. She faced countless challenges, from the taunts of cruel children to the painful trials of adulthood, where she battled with mental health struggles. However, throughout these obstacles, her faith and spiritual practice guided her. It was the values she discovered in this journey that gave her the strength to face life’s difficult moments head-on. In a series of candid conversations, Dion unveils the profound impact of self-acceptance, shedding light on the moment she dared to open his front door without her artificial eye and dark glasses, a testament to her fearless embrace of authenticity. As we delve into Dion’s transformative journey, we also explore her work as a womanologist. Her insights into the inner work required to lead with power and strength offer an empowering narrative for women ready to overcome past programming that hinders them from stepping into their power. From her unique perspective, she discusses her new book, Influential Women, and the resources she recommends for anyone ready to stop hiding. The episode wraps up with Dion’s reflections on developing and articulating courageous messages, and what it truly means to show up with power and strength. Don’t miss this remarkable conversation about courage, authenticity, and transformation.

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Dion Johnson & Anita Mattu

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