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Embracing Courage And Authenticity: From Surviving Abuse To Dare2bu w/ Debra Simmons EP 111

April 9, 2024

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Episode Summary

When Debra Simmons made the brave decision to leave an abusive relationship, little did she know it would mark the beginning of an extraordinary journey towards healing and self-realization. Our latest episode welcomes this remarkable woman as she unveils her story, highlighting the power of self-forgiveness and the strength found in facing one’s true self. Debra’s experience not only reshaped her future and that of her children but also led to the birth of “Dare2bu” a venture aimed at guiding others to embrace their authenticity and consciously create a life filled with purpose and joy. This conversation goes beyond just one person’s experience; it’s a mosaic of transformative insights about living authentically. From the shifts in my own life that moved me from a chronic people-pleaser to someone who confidently establishes boundaries, to the profound impact that spiritual insights can have on how we see ourselves, this chat is an exploration into aligning our actions with our core values.

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Debra Simmons & Anita Mattu

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