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Embracing Holistic Healing: From Academic Walls to Wellness Awakening w/ Leslie Porter EP 107

March 12, 2024

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Episode Summary

Leslie Porter, an adept healer whose life took a dramatic turn from academia to wellness coaching, joins us to unfold the narrative of self-care as a catalyst for profound health transformations.  Let her journey from the rigid walls of tenure to the liberating embrace of holistic practices inspire you to reconsider your own life choices. As she opens up about personal trials, including a car accident and wrestles with insomnia, it becomes evident that the path to wellness is as individual as it is universal. Leslie’s 25 years of experience, ranging from Ayurveda to somatic counseling, didn’t just change her life; they’ve empowered countless others to reclaim their sleep, manage stress, and alleviate anxiety.

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Show Contributors

Leslie Porter & Anita Mattu

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