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Embracing Transformation And Courage With Inner Child Work w/ Zeina Kronfol EP 102

February 6, 2024

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Episode Summary

Have you ever stood at the edge of a transformative leap, but hesitated, weighed down by self-doubt? This episode’s special guest, ICF certified holistic life, career, and executive coach Zeina Kronfol, understands that precipice well. She shares her own metamorphosis from a marketing professional to an entrepreneur, revealing the instrumental role of coaching in her journey. We uncover the essentials of personal development—why seeing someone else conquer their barriers can amplify our belief in our own potential, and the significance of incremental goals and a robust support system in driving impactful change. Zeina leads us through the labyrinth of inner child work, demonstrating how it can reshape the trajectory of our lives by healing the wounds of the past. We confront the demons of limiting beliefs and the necessity of setting firm boundaries to protect our aspirations. Furthermore, we redefine courage not as the absence of fear, but the resolve to face it, be it through small acts or life-altering decisions. This episode isn’t just a conversation; it’s an empowering call to embrace your inner strength, to lean into vulnerability with courage, and to grasp the full extent of your dreams with unwavering conviction

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Show Contributors

Zeina Kronfol & Anita Mattu

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