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Empowering Young Girls And Navigating Teen Relationships w/ Erin Tarr EP 95

December 19, 2023

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Episode Summary

What happens when a best-selling author, keynote speaker, and confidence coach shares her journey in empowering young girls and nurturing unique children? Erin passionately relates her transition from the education system to becoming a beacon of strength for girls aged 8-28. She also illustrates the worrying drop in confidence among girls as they hit 11 and offers invaluable wisdom on fostering resilience in our young ones. In part two of our discussion, we navigate the choppy waters of COVID-19 and its effects on teen and tween relationships. Both Erin and I also introduce you to a powerful framework aimed at bolstering confidence and resilience within this age group. We further explore the intriguing concept of courage and vulnerability and how it weaves into our everyday lives. Erin generously shares insights from her recently published book that provides advice applicable to all ages.

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Show Contributors

Erin Tarr & Anita Mattu

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