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Everyday Heroism: The Power of Presence and Incremental Change w/ Tom Parish EP 116

May 14, 2024

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Episode Summary

Ever feel like the bravest thing you’ve done is simply getting out of bed in the morning? Join us as Tom Parish, a former Royal Air Force aircraft technician turned transformational life coach, shares his riveting story of everyday heroism. Tom’s candid discussion on how he embraced his introverted nature to make a dramatic career switch and adopt a plant-based diet overnight is nothing short of inspiring. It’s a tale that reminds us of the courage hidden in the folds of daily life, and how aligning actions with personal values can define our journey. Throughout our conversation, we traverse the landscape of holistic life coaching and unearth how relationship woes are often a veneer for deeper struggles. With Tom’s insights, we learn how addressing core issues can ripple out to positively affect every aspect of our lives, from family dynamics to career satisfaction. The chat takes us to a place where presence in each moment converts routine into wonder, and the beauty of simplicity becomes clear. It’s about acknowledging the fortitude it takes to make incremental changes that lead to a vast personal transformation.

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Tom Parish & Anita Mattu

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