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Finding Fierce Freedom In Midlife's Second Act w/ Alison Jacobson EP 112

April 16, 2024

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Episode Summary

When life handed Alison Jacobson incomprehensible loss, she laced up her running shoes and faced the New York City Marathon with the same resilience she now instils in others. Our latest episode unfurls Alison’s captivating narrative of transformation and triumph, as she imparts her hard-earned wisdom to fuel an uprising of fierce, fabulous females navigating midlife. Absorb the essence of the four C’s, starting with courage, and learn to harness vulnerability as a springboard for personal evolution. Find solace and strategy in her experiences with caregiving, and gather courage from her reflections on starting afresh after divorce, proving that fear has no foothold in the face of a determined spirit. Yet the reinvention doesn’t stop at personal insight; it’s about sculpting a life that flexes with joy and self-love. Be inspired by tales of women like Siobhan Daniels, who swapped bricks and mortar for the boundless freedom of the open road.

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Show Contributors

Alison Jacobson & Anita Mattu

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