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Finding Health And Happiness Beyond The Buzz w/ Janet Fugate-White EP 79

August 29, 2023

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Episode Summary

Can you imagine a life where you’re no longer shackled by societal expectations, or held captive by the numbing effects of alcohol? That’s the incredible journey of Janet Fugate-White, registered nurse, author, and certified coach, who joins us today to share her inspiring story about finding happiness and health beyond the buzz. From leaving a toxic relationship to conquering cancer, Janet’s tale offers a raw and honest look at resilence in the face of adversity. Alcohol was once Janet’s chosen mask, a tool she used to repress difficult feelings and memories. Yet, it was only when she cast this crutch aside that her healing journey truly began. Through our conversation, we dissect the benefits of an alcohol-free lifestyle; think better sleep, heightened energy levels, and a reduced cancer risk. We also tackle the societal pressures of drinking and share strategies for socializing and staying true to your choices, even when a cold beer or glass of wine is being thrust your way. But Janet’s story isn’t just about waving goodbye to the bottle. It’s about making room for joy, stepping out of your comfort zone, and truly choosing a life that serves you. Through the transformative power of courage, Janet found herself engaging in activities that brought her happiness and satisfaction. We delve into the concept of courage, how it can fuel change, and why self-care should be a non-negotiable in your daily routine. Tune in and let Janet’s journey inspire you to live the authentic, fearless life you deserve

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Janet Fugate-White & Anita Mattu

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