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Healing From Heartbreak And Manifesting True Love w/ Nazish Shameem Qazi EP 37

November 8, 2022

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Episode Summary

From a Bangladeshi background and grew up in England.  At age 31, she changed her career, found her true calling and returned to university.  In 2002, she graduated with MSc in Occupational Psychology and has since, created a successful career as a Life Coach, personal and professional development trainer and author.   Nazish’s teachings are backed by psychological knowledge and rooted in ‘The Silva Method’ and NLP.  She uses powerful mind tools developed through her own work with clients and the wisdom of meditative practices.  Her purpose, as an author and life coach, has always been to help ordinary people become their authentic individual, extraordinary selves.

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Show Contributors

Nazish Qazi & Anita Mattu

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