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Masterclass - How I Attracted My Soul Mate Overnight In Midlife: 6 Keys To Calling In Your Partner w/ Jeanne Sullivan Billeci EP 103

February 13, 2024

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Episode Summary

Have you ever considered that the key to attracting your soulmate might just be a journey inward?  Our latest episode takes you on this profound exploration as we delve into the art of self-forgiveness and self-compassion, with insights inspired by a UC Berkeley study. Joined by Jeanne Sullivan Balechi, ‘The Soulmate Coach’, we exchange stories and strategies that transform the way we think about love and relationships. From Jeanne’s personal shift from corporate life to coaching others, to the easing of love blocks that may be hindering your path to true connection, our conversation is a treasure trove of heartfelt wisdom. Imagine a space where you can release the burdens of past regrets and embrace your worth; this is the sanctuary we create as we guide you through a soul-soothing self-forgiveness exercise drawn from the Ho’oponopono prayer. We dissect the obstacles that fear of commitment and intimacy pose, arming you with practical steps to reclaim your potential for love. Our personal anecdotes serve as a testament to the power of aligning with your deepest self, and for those hungry for more, we extend an invitation for a free consultation to further assist in navigating love’s complex tapestry.

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Jeanne Sullivan Billeci & Anita Mattu

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