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Masterclass - Mastering Your Emotions w/ Ed Daube Ph.D EP 64

May 16, 2023

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Episode Summary

Ed Daube, Ph.D., The Emotions Doctor, retired as a Senior Psychologist-Supervisor after a 32 year career with the California Youth Authority.  During his career, Dr. Daube worked clinically with incarcerated young women, all of whom had histories of multiple abuse, attempting to help them understand and strategically deploy their emotions as tools (as opposed to lashing out and hurting others or hurting themselves).   After retiring, Dr. Daube realized that the general public and many professionals continued to believe and promote many potentially damaging emotional myths so he wrote two Amazon best selling books. Emotions as Tools: A Self-Help Guide to Controlling Your Life not Your Feelings covers emotions in general and Beyond Anger Management: Master Your Anger as a Strategic Tool covers anger specifically. 

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Ed Daube Ph.D & Anita Mattu

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