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Navigating Male Vulnerability and Emotional Safety w/ Kyle Hamer EP 83

September 26, 2023

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Episode Summary

Have you ever pondered on the pressure society imposes on men to conform to certain standards? In today’s enlightening episode, we are privileged to host Kyle Hamer, a men’s coach and community builder at Menbecoming. Kyle intimately shares his journey of disconnection and rediscovery, giving us a clear window into the impacts of patriarchal psychology, the very mechanism that divides and controls men.  Venturing further, we explore the difficulty men grapple with when confronting vulnerability and emotional boundaries. Drawing from Kyle’s personal experiences, we navigate how fear can drive men into the shadows, away from those reaching out to lend a hand, and how finding a brotherhood can instigate emotional breakthroughs. We also delve into Kyle’s own battles with belonging and setting boundaries, revealing how these experiences have informed his perspective on men’s mental health. Wrapping up our enlightening discussion, we delve into the significance and the evolving nature of safe spaces for men. We reflect on the transition from men-only clubs to co-ed spaces, exploring how this shift has left a void in the emotional support network for many men, causing relationship breakdowns. Kyle enlightens us about his efforts to establish such a safe space with his online community, ‘Man Becoming’. We round off with a deep dive into courage, societal expectations of men, and the indispensable role of emotional connection and safety in male communities. Join us for this insightful exploration that challenges societal norms and underscores the importance of men’s mental health.

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Kyle Hamer & Anita Mattu

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