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Navigating Postpartum Depression To Mystic Awakening w/ Sarah Noble EP 108

March 19, 2024

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Episode Summary

Discover what happens when you choose authenticity over expectation, as transformational coach and mystic Sarah Noble recounts her profound journey of spiritual awakening and self-realization.  Sarah’s story unfolds from the depths of postpartum depression to the heights of her calling, illustrating the incredible strength found in listening to one’s own inner voice. Through her narrative, we traverse the challenging balance of career and family life, and how these experiences led her to embrace her true identity as a mystic, ultimately guiding others towards living more aligned and intuitive lives. This episode is a treasure trove of wisdom on developing self-reliance and cultivating courage through practices like meditation and self-reflection. Sarah imparts her insights on how embracing the activities that bring us joy can not only elevate our energy but also carve out pathways to new opportunities. 

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Show Contributors

Sarah Noble & Anita Mattu

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