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Overcoming Codependency And Embracing Authentic Self Discovery w/ Corissa Stepp EP 93

December 5, 2023

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Episode Summary

Do you ever feel like your relationships are more about pleasing others than meeting your own needs? Are you constantly prioritizing others’ wants at the cost of your own happiness? We’ve got an episode that you really can’t afford to miss. The brave and insightful Corissa Stepp, a relationship and human design coach, joins us to navigate the often-misunderstood world of codependency. She shares her personal journey of overcoming codependency, the courage it takes to speak one’s truth, and how understanding one’s human design can lead to authentic self-discovery and purpose in life. Imagine understanding yourself on such a profound level that you can pinpoint why certain patterns play out in your relationships, or why you struggle with people-pleasing. In this engaging discussion, we connect the dots between ancient wisdom and quantum physics, using the unique lens of human design. This conversation explores how human design can empower individuals to understand their energy, decision-making, and life purpose, leading to more fulfilling relationships. We also distinguish between healthy and unhealthy forms of people pleasing, highlighting the importance of setting boundaries and staying true to one’s values and needs.

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Corissa Stepp & Anita Mattu

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