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Rebuilding Life From Homelessness And Addiction w/ Steve Calis EP 82

September 19, 2023

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Episode Summary

Today, we step into the shoes of our courageous guest, Steve Calis, as he recounts his extraordinary story of triumph over adversity. A tale of survival, determination, and redemption gives listeners an exclusive look into Steve’s gritty life on the streets, his battle with addiction, and his audacious journey back to a stable life. Amidst all the rough edges of his journey, Steve found his life’s turning point: fatherhood, engagement, and the realization of vital life lessons. We shift gears as our conversation with Steve explores the thorny issue of mental health. We bring to light some invaluable resources for those who find themselves grappling with mental health struggles. Our chat further explores the Steve Calis Show, a podcast that Steve hosts which narrates the heart-wrenching stories of people who have ventured through enormous grief, trauma, and loss. One of Steve’s most impactful initiatives, Calismediacom, a Facebook group offering community support and resources, is another significant topic of our discussion. As we draw to a close, our conversation takes a reflective turn. Steve offers a fresh perspective on courage, molded by his life experiences. He defines courage as not the absence of fear, but the ability to take action despite it, to embrace risk, and proceed in the face of uncertainty. This episode stands as a testament to Steve’s resilience and determination, and his remarkable ability to leverage his struggles for the betterment of others. An episode that resonates with hope, resilience, and the realization that even in the darkest corners, light awaits.

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