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Revolutionizing Your Relationship With Time w/ Jaimee Campanella EP 86

October 17, 2023

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Episode Summary

Are your days always feeling packed to the brim with tasks yet you still can’t seem to break free from the overwhelming avalanche of responsibilities? Enter Jaimee  Campanella, a time strategist and productivity consultant, who has dedicated her life to helping people redefine their relationship with time. Engage in an enlightening conversation as she shares her journey from burnout to owning her own business, detailing how she escaped the constant whirlpool of never having enough time. Gain invaluable insights into the common misconceptions that keep us stuck, such as the belief that we’re at the mercy of time, and learn how Jaimee equips her clients with effective strategies to regain their control over time. If you’ve ever felt like you’re juggling more commitments than you can handle, Jaimee has some practical tools and advice you’ll want to hear. Discover her unique approach to striking balance in life, where you’ll be introduced to her revolutionary time audit exercise. This episode goes beyond just time management, it’s about learning to prioritize your meaningfully and saying ‘no’ to unnecessary commitments that eat into your time. And if you’re looking to take a deeper dive, Jaimee gives us a sneak peek into her time management course. This comprehensive program aims to help individuals radically shift their mindset around time through various exercises and affirmations. Don’t miss out on this empowering conversation that might just transform the way you perceive and manage your time.

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Show Contributors

Jaimee Campanella & Anita Mattu

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