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Speaking With The Heart, Transforming Your Relationship And Communication With Compassion And Connection w/ Dr Heather Brown EP 118

May 28, 2024

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Episode Summary

Have you ever considered that the key to enriching your relationships could lie in the way you communicate? This episode, featuring renowned psychotherapist Dr Heather Brown, author of “Speaking with the Heart,” promises to unveil the transformative potential of compassionate communication. Dr. Brown brings her wealth of experience to our discussion, offering insights into the psychology of communication that many of us take for granted. Together, we tackle the common pitfalls in relationships, including the often-conflated concepts of love and approval, and share ways to leverage effective communication to deepen our connections and navigate the nuances of modern love. As we explore the complex tapestry of intimacy and relationships in today’s world, Dr. Brown and I provide a hands-on, workshop-like experience derived from the most effective exercises used in therapy sessions and retreats. We candidly address the rise of infidelity, shifts in societal norms, and the evolving perceptions of monogamy and marriage. By applying the strategies discussed, couples can work through their issues collaboratively, fostering a closer bond and a more fulfilling partnership, even amidst the challenges posed by a highly sexualized culture and the unrealistic expectation for a partner to fulfil every desire.

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Show Contributors

Dr Heather Browne & Anita Mattu

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