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The Alchemy Of Awkwardness In Forging Successful Business Paths w/ Drysen Carsten EP 110

April 2, 2024

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Episode Summary

Ever felt like your quirks and social faux pas were holding you back? Drysen Carsten, a wizard in the alchemy of turning awkwardness into golden connections, joins us to debunk that myth. With a tale that spans from Midwest farmlands to the peaks of entrepreneurial success, Drysen narrates his evolution, with a nod to the transformative influence of the Future Business Leaders of America. This episode is a treasure trove for anyone looking to convert their fears into the courage necessary to lead and leave a mark in the world of business. Navigating life’s quirky twists, Drysen Carsten’s backstory is as unique as his name—starting as a farm boy with a passion for agriculture that later blossomed into a love for ag technology storytelling. His anecdotal journey into volunteer firefighting illustrates the growth that stems from embracing the uncomfortable, and listeners will find inspiration in his mantra of saying ‘yes’ to life’s unpredictable offerings. Drysen’s entrepreneurial spirit is a beacon for anyone yearning to carve out their own distinctive path while staying true to their roots.

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Drysen Carsten & Anita Mattu

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