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The Journey Of A Depressed Motivational Speaker w/ Jim Paluch EP 91

November 21, 2023

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Episode Summary

Ever seen a motivational speaker who knows the ins and outs of motivating others but struggles with his own demons? Jim Paluch. With 34 years of experience under his belt, he’s witnessed the transformative power of listening and motivation. In this episode, Jim gets candid about his personal battle with depression, and his brave decision to share his story with the world after retirement. Have you ever wondered how personal experiences shape an author’s storytelling? Hear about Jim’s inspiring journey of turning his struggles into a powerful novel, “The Depressed Motivational Speaker”. As we dissect the book, you’ll discover how real-life inspirations fueled the characters and narrative, shining a light on the taxing world of motivational speaking. Shifting gears, we discuss the crucial topic of mental health and depression. Hear Jim’s insightful critique of the mental health profession’s approach and how his personal journey has given him a unique perspective. Get introduced to the concept of “instinctual wellness” and learn about its role in managing depression.

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Jim Paluch & Anita Mattu

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