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The Strengths And Challenges Of Neurodiverse Families And Inclusion w/ Emma Lewis EP 76

August 8, 2023

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Episode Summary

Can we all be a little bit autistic or does autism require a strict set of diagnostic criteria? Emma Lewis, a mother of three neurodiverse daughters and a strong advocate for inclusion, is here to dispel these common misconceptions. Her enlightening journey through menopause, the challenge of parenting a neurodiverse family, and completing a hundred marathons in three years is testament to her grit and unwavering determination. Emma opens up about the challenges of getting accurate diagnoses for her daughters, each one a unique individual with specific needs. She also courageously shares her own experiences with neurodiversity, her relationship with food due to sensory issues, and her sessions with a CBT specialist. Emma’s unfiltered account of her life and her continuous fight for inclusion hits home the need to understand neurodiversity and provide additional support for neurodiverse individuals in workplaces. As we draw this compelling conversation to a close, Emma introduces us to her latest passion project, Hidden Voices. This initiative aims to amplify the underrepresented, offering them a platform to share their stories. Emma’s definition of courage as taking the first step, no matter how small, will leave you motivated to embark on your own journey of self-discovery. Join us for this extraordinary conversation, and let’s together redefine courage and inclusion.

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Emma Lewis & Anita Mattu

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