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Transform Your Life And Business Through Decluttering w/ Christa Jones EP 92

November 28, 2023

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Episode Summary

Are you feeling overwhelmed with clutter or struggling to create a peaceful, organized home? We invite you to join us on this transformative journey with Christa Jones, a declutter coach and professional organizer. Christa opens up about her own journey from realizing her knack for organization to starting her own business. She walks us through her unique approach to decluttering that involves questioning what truly holds value in our lives, helping us reclaim our homes and schedules. In the second half, we continue to unpack the wonders of decluttering with Christa a professional organizer and business coach. Christa highlights how decluttering transcends just physical spaces and brings about mental and emotional benefits too. She further explains how organization and simplification can revolutionize businesses.

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Show Contributors

Christa Jones & Anita Mattu

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