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Transformation From Professional Boxer To Crafting A 10/10 Life w/ Billy Schwer EP 80

September 5, 2023

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Episode Summary

Ever find yourself face-to-face with fear, wondering if it’s friend or foe? Our remarkable guest, Billy Schwer, a top-level professional boxer turned motivational speaker, has learned to dance with fear and even use it as a stepping stone to triumph. Billy’s life story is a testament to resilience as he navigated through profound depression, an identity crisis, and bankruptcy, post a 20-year boxing career. Being on top of his game one moment and grappling with life’s hardest blows the next, Billy has not only survived but emerged stronger and more determined. He rebuilt his identity from the ground up, and now helps others break free from their constraints and live a fulfilling, ’10 out of 10′ life. He shares his unique approach that blends the conditioning of mind and body, and a relentless commitment to battle fear. Billy’s meaningful work with the Samaritans and his insightful book, “Man Up”, further underscore his mission of aiding people in reaching their personal zenith. In the thrilling end note of our conversation, Billy and I explore the essence of courage. We discuss its role in our lives, and how taking charge, facing our fears head-on, and dedicating ourselves to our dreams are the cornerstones of turning aspirations into reality. Billy’s enlightening journey is bound to push you to confront your fears, summon your courage, and carve out the life you long for. So, ready to embrace fear and let it fuel you towards your dreams?

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Billy Schwer & Anita Mattu

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