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Transforming Trauma Into Triumph: Building Unshakable Confidence And Healing w/ Kesha Chanel EP 123

July 2, 2024

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Episode Summary

What if facing your hardest reality was the key to unlocking your most abundant life? Kesha Chanel, an inspiring life coach, author, speaker, and healer, who opens up about her transformative journey of overcoming sexual abuse and building unshakable self-esteem. Through her powerful “Make Life Wow” workshops, Kesha shares how she helps individuals stop avoiding their issues and begin the process of healing, teaching the importance of using one’s voice to lead a fulfilling life. Kesha takes us through her personal transformation following a tumultuous divorce and deep-seated trauma, emphasizing the critical shift from a victim mindset to one of empowerment. Learn how she identified her own need for approval and focused on healing and personal growth, developing successful coaching programs like “24 Karat Confidence” and “Girl Get Your Glow Up,” now part of her “Feel Better Formula.” This episode is a testament to the power of self-love and resilience, showing how combating negative past narratives can lead to a thriving present.

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Show Contributors

Kesha Chanel & Anita Mattu

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