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Turning Tragedy Into Triumph: From Accident Recovery To Confidence Coaching w/ Julia Langley EP 124

July 9, 2024

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Episode Summary

Ever wondered how someone can turn a devastating accident into a beacon of hope and inspiration? In this episode, we welcome Julia Langley, a remarkable performer and confidence coach who shares her awe-inspiring journey of recovery from a life-changing accident. Julia opens up about the gruelling physical and mental challenges she faced, including multiple surgeries and PTSD, and how she emerged stronger, using her experience to uplift and empower others. Her story is a testament to resilience and the transformative power of second chances. From a family steeped in musical tradition, Julia’s path to a full-time music career showcases the importance of following one’s passion. Despite earning a business degree for practicality, the pull of the arts was undeniable for Julia. We discuss her shift from the corporate world to life on stage, where her talents took her to performances with Cirque du Soleil. Julia’s experiences highlight the significance of taking actionable steps toward your dreams, being open to unexpected opportunities, and staying true to yourself to achieve success.

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Julia Langley & Anita Mattu

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