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Who Am I Now Post 55 And Heir 60’s w/ Sylvi Hussain EP 60

April 18, 2023

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Episode Summary

Transformational Coach Working with women who are post 55 approaching heir 60’s (or indeed well into their 60’s) and trying to navigate their steps as they embark on their journey at this stage of their lives.  With individuals and very small groups, using the power of conversation, and intentional questions, to uncover what a client truly wants, truly believes, her own truth, divested of all roles and expectations.  A very exciting time in a woman’s life but can be daunting.  We work together so my client can get an easier of what is possible for her, harness her potential and take the first steps with confidence and courage.  I want us all in society to change our perception of age, maturing, take the fear and stigma away from words: retirement, pensions, and the perjoritive  “granny”.   We are a potent, contributing force, likely to get stronger and more influential with each year….. its time to plunge our stake into the ground and fly our beautiful colours! 

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Sylvi Hussain & Anita Mattu

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