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Yes... Because You're Gay w/ Kaajal Nanda EP 32

October 4, 2022

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Episode Summary

Now residing in the USA, Kaajal is a British Author, born and brought up in London, England.  She works full-time in Healthcare and has recently published her first book: a memoir of her coming out story. “Yes… because you’re Gay” is intended to be a support to the LGBTQI+ community and a voice for those still fighting to live their truth.   Kaajal’s goal with her memoirs is to validate those struggling within the community, encourage allies and others to embrace all individuals, and to understand the challenges that the LGBTQI+ community can face. Kaajal will continue to work towards educating and opening the eyes of those less accepting of the community, including various cultures and religions.

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Show Contributors

Kaajal Nanda & Anita Mattu

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