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You Can Live Your Best Life With Osteoarthritis w/ Valerie Bachinsky EP 65

May 23, 2023

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Episode Summary

An arthritis wellness specialist who serves women seeking to reduce joint pain and inflammation so they can live their best life.  She holds a master’s degree in nursing and a bachelor’s degree in health education. She is a certified health coach and has practiced as a registered nurse for over 25 years.  Faced with her own diagnosis of arthritis at the age of 27, Valerie has spent many years researching ways to lessen arthritis symptoms and slow its progression. Through it all, she has been able to maintain her active lifestyle and pursue the activities she is passionate about, mainly rock climbing and hiking.  She passionately believes that no woman should have to throw away her dreams because of joint pain or a diagnosis of arthritis

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Valerie Bachinsky & Anita Mattu

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