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The Book of Being titled “The Ultimate Coach” 

I finished reading the Book of Being titled “The Ultimate Coach” written by Amy Hardison and Alan D Thomson. 

This is not a Book about Steve Hardison

This book is about YOU. 

It’s about who are you BEING is everything.

It reconnected me with attending Landmark and who I was BEING.

I played full out, and took part openly, fully and honestly.                             

Seeing I had blind spots.

Stuck in my stories, beliefs and the truth of myself.

I had Breakthroughs, Shifts and Cried, it was emotional for sure. I got to see who I was BEING and how it was affecting me. 

I declared in front of all the other Landmark participants and their invited family and friends to speak my truth, some things that I had never said to anyone before.

Now there is about anything from 200 plus people in this room, slightly daunting for sure. Well, this it for me, it’s now or never….

I stood up and walked across to the stand behind the other participants and extremely anxious. My heart pounding as if I had just run a marathon. Blood rushed to my head and I was just thinking, it’s now or never and I knew I need to do this.

Life just kept on happening to me.  

From a very young child, I was sexually abused.  

Then at school, I never fitted in or grasped my studies.  

I resailed I was gay.  

Then aged 24, I inherited three young children overnight. 

At age 35 I was diagnosed with dyslexia. 

I saw first hand how my story was keeping me from living my full potential. 
I wasn’t creating the life I wanted and I could see how this occurred.  

Landmark gave me the confidence to address so many things in my life. I now totally have “Fulfillment in my life, Value myself and Love myself whole” as to that point I didn’t. 

I also gave up the need to be liked; I was stepping into my own Power and Loving it and who I am Becoming. 

Giving me the confidence to address a huge part of my past.   

New Possibilities, Breakthrough Results, 

Transformation as a way of Living 

Reading the Book of Being has just reminded me Who Am I BEING? In any given moment.

I am not the same person I was before I read the Book.

My conversations are more powerful and I am listening even more intently. I am Being Love and Being my Word.


Do you realise what you think about yourself is holding you back from living a joyful and authentic life? 


Love You Anita xx

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